Not Over My Back Yard

The state of Connecticut is suing the FAA to block a plan that would route more flights from New York airports over southwestern Connecticut.

The New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia Airspace Redesign is intended to relieve congestion around the New York area airports, save fuel, reduce carbon emissions and reduce flight delays.

I guess nobody wants to be part of that problem – or the solution.


2 thoughts on “Not Over My Back Yard

  1. JM Jacob

    Why exactly are they suing? Over the last 6 months when I flew, 7 times out of 10, my flight back to NY was delayed for ATC reasons over the north east. Since CT is in the NE, and since many CT residents fly out of the 3 major NY airports, why exactly would the state be against such a measure?
    It’s a win/win idea.

  2. steve

    win/win idea? For one, planes will now be flying directly over residential areas further increasing noise pollution as well as safety issues. Secondly, the solution is a micro approach to a macro problem. Although much of the air traffic may come through NY, the airspace of the entire United States needs to be revamped. Phase I may indeed be implemented in the metro area but to redesign our airspace without taking into consideration A) the rest of the country and B) the faulty ground operations of both the airlines and the airports.
    There is no debating the problem. However, the answer lies in a macro solution which will encompass the entire nation.


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