Flying Like A Senator

If you’re wondering why your senators don’t care enough enough about you – the ordinary air traveler – to enact a meaningful air passengers’ bill of rights, here’s the explanation. They’re getting what they need from the airlines.

Not just campaign contributions. They’re also getting the right to book multiple reservations and pay for only one flight. This allows them to scoot out of Washington whenever a session ends, taking advantage of one of their multiple reservations.

Paul Kane lays it out in the Washington Post.

Here’s the sticky reasoning: "Members are often unable to predict with specificity when they will be able to travel because of the fluid and unpredictable nature of Senate business," Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, wrote to the the Senate ethics committee. 

I think I smell some bipartishanship, which our leaders seem to reserve for matters directly related to their own self-interest.

After all, if this is a courtesy due those subjected to the vagaries of the legislative calendar, why is it not also extended to the senators’ staffs? Why not to anyone else whose travel schedule is unpredictable? The Colorado Rockies, say?

Maybe if our senators spent a little more time suffering the real tribulations of air travel, they would have a little more sympathy for the rest of us.


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