Skybus To Pax: Here’s Your $10 Back

I don’t even want to write another blog entry critical of Skybus. First, I’m hurt by people calling me an idiot who doesn’t appreciate low fares. I love low fares. And second, despite my doubts, I admire Skybus’ scrappy attitude.

But passengers need to understand that Skybus does not operate like one of the Big Six legacy airlines — or even like Southwest and other low-cost carriers. Some customers found that out the hard way recently.

When Skybus decided to stop serving Bellingham, Wash., it simply canceled flights after Jan. 6, even though it had already sold tickets through March 6. Customers who bought tickets for those canceled flights will get full refunds.

But they won’t get a rescheduled flight on another airline. Skybus has no inter-airline agreements. They won’t get a refund for any money they lose on hotel bookings or other charges if they paid in advance.

See the comment on my earlier Skybus post from one of the disappointed customers or the Columbus Dispatch story, which seems to quote the same guy.

Traditional airlines simply don’t do this.  Oh, they’ll cancel your flight, transfer you to another airline or rebook you on an inconvenient schedule any day. But one way or another they’re going to honor the ticket, eventually, as long as you show up on time.

Of course, traditional airlines don’t sell seats for $10 plus taxes and fees, either.

Caveat emptor? Sure, as long as the customer understands the caveat. So here it is: Skybus ain’t no ordinary airline, and that can be good (for prices) and bad (for reliability and customer service).


3 thoughts on “Skybus To Pax: Here’s Your $10 Back

  1. Adam

    Paying for bells and whistles of having your hand held costs money. Sure, it stinks to have your flight canceled, but its not like they are stop flying next week, like other airlines like Shuttle America, Eastwind and Midway did.
    Low prices means you have to do a lot more yourself. Want security and features, pay more and stop complaining.
    Since Skybus serves most airports that are only served by the big 6, with no other low fare service, we’ll gladly take them.

  2. Becky

    I agree with Adams comments. I had one leg of my flight canceled and was offered an alternative. I went into it well aware that my plans may have to change but that’s the chance I was taking. If it weren’t for their cheap fares, I would not have been able to go out and visit my brother in Kansas City. I love it!


    this is my problem with skybus airline. flew with them to washington state aug.2007 great flight . I BOOKED a flight for two for 11/10/2007-11/17 to san diego,ca. I know the policy to chg flight date but since they stopped going to san diego as of 3/6/08 I been sending e-mails from their web site (no replys) asking about my problem I cannot get time off till 5/2008 & their calander stops on 3/06/08 plus I cannot find time limits on changing in their policy. advice would help me & maybe others. THANK YOU


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