A380: God’s Airplane

The Singapore Airlines pilot who flew the first A380 in commercial operation was quoted in a French newspaper calling the suberjumbo "God’s creation."

I’m still operating on the assumption that it was manufactured by Airbus.

But the "God" comment did create one of the more amusing discussions I’ve read on airliners.net. One post asked why, if God created the world in seven days, the A380 was two years late. Another speculated that the devil created the regional jet. And another suggested that A340s can evolve into A380s.

In any event, let us not forget that it is one awe-inspiring plane. I saw it land at Bradley on Oct. 2, and it was magnificent.

It’s not clear when we’ll see one again in this neck of the woods. There’s informed speculation that Singapore Airlines or Qantas will have service on an A380 to the West Coast – LAX or San Francisco –  within the next two years.

The East Coast is another matter. JFK is ready for the A380 but at Atlanta, the busiest hub in the nation, officials says the infrastructure can’t accommodate aircraft that size. Orlando is making improvements that would allow the A380 room to taxi on the ground.


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