Airlines And Dress Codes

Southwest Airlines stepped in it again on the whole clothing thing.  On Sunday a Southwest  supervisor told a passenger to "change his sexually suggestive T-shirt, turn it inside-out or get off the plane," according to the St. Petersburg Times.

The T-shirt in question promoted a fictional "Master Baiters" fishing shop. Southwest changed its mind and apologized. (I’m at least as offended by the pun as the double entendre.)

I actually don’t have much of a problem with airlines enforcing a dress code. Restaurants do it. I think the problem is that Southwest hasn’t really been clear about what its standards are.

So let’s help them figure it out. Take my poll on what’s appropriate plane-wear.

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2 thoughts on “Airlines And Dress Codes

  1. Fred

    The halter top & mini-skirt answer would vary a lot depending on the, ah, circumstances.
    Sarah Michelle Gellar gets to board, no questions asked. Rosie gets left at the gate.

  2. Kate

    I’m surprised more people think gratuitous profanity is offensive than racism. As my mother always told me, swears are just words. Racism, however, that’s far more hurtful. If it’s your kids you’re worried about, I think you should worry about their exposure to racism more than their exposure to the occassional “bad word”.
    As to Sarah Michelle verses Rosie, I’m guessing the airlines might enforce the opposite. I can’t help thinking the more attractive woman would be considered “inappropriate” and the less attractive woman would just be “unfortunate”.


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