More A380 At Bradley

I posted a clip this morning of the A380 landing at Bradley but I got wrapped up in other things (stupid real job!) before I could post more about it. It was quite a thrill to see that whacking huge jet coming in to land.

My buddy Tom Twitchell and I hung out a bit with the plane spotters, and I did a little video about the experience on my trusty little Canon Powershot:

For an even better time, have a look at the videos we posted on by Alan Chaniewski, a real videographer who got up close to and inside the world’s largest passenger plane. Great stuff. (Also Eric Gershon’s piece for The Courant is now posted.)

Tom and I arrived around 7 a.m. at the lot on Route 20 at the end of Runway 6, where the plane spotters were gathering, and found a dozen or so cars already there. By 8 a.m. the lot was jammed, cars were parked all over the grass across the street, hundreds of people with cameras were milling around and a cop was directing traffic.

Sometime around 8 we saw the A380 off in the distance, apparently while it was doing a flyover at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, which was a partner in manufacturing the engines. In some way, that distant pass-through was the most impressive sight of the day. The A380 looked ghostly and huge in the clouds, like a giant shark.

About 15 minutes later, it came in, low over the lot. What a sight!


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