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Who would spend several hours on a sunny weekend in Boston hunting for the building used in the exterior shots for a television show that was canceled nearly 20 years ago?

You guessed it:


Yes, that’s the apartment house in South Boston that represented St. Eligius Hospital in the television show "St. Elsewhere," which was broadcast on NBC from 1982 to 1988. The husband and I had quite a time tracking it down, but we finally turned it up at 11 E. Newton St.

This is not a first for the husband, who managed to track down the old precinct house in New York that provided the exterior shots for the long-running ABC series "NYPD Blue."

Hey, to each his own, as my grandmother always said.

Such specialized thrills are not for everyone. But venturing out on a whimsical quest can have unexpected rewards. Our search in Boston took us deep into a neighborhood where we might not otherwise have ventured and to a neighborhood seafood shop and luncheonette that served up a very nice tuna steak and broiled trout at a very reasonable price.


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