Round Trip To Amsterdam, $525

If you’ve been thinking about trying Bradley’s only trans-Atlantic flight, you might want to try after Oct. 25. That’s when the round-trip fare on Northwest’s non-stop flight to Amsterdam drops to $525, including taxes and fees, Monday through Thursday.

That’s about half the best coach fare at the peak of summer. Of course you’ll have to buy it at least two weeks in advance.

The $525 fare is now available through March 13, with just a few blacked-out days before Christmas. If you want to take that flight earlier in October, you’ll pay more like $670.

I used to scoff at the idea of flying a single-aisle jet across the Atlantic, but I have to admit that the 757 Northwest is using for this flight doesn’t sound so bad. And after my last hellish bus ride back from JFK, I’m less inclined than ever to fly from New York.


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