Scorpions On A Plane!

The last thing you need when scrunching yourself into your coach seat is a close encounter with a scorpion. But why worry? What would a scorpion be doing on a plane?

Racking up frequent flier miles while waiting for someone to sting, apparently.

I confess that I did not detect the trend myself, but travel blogger Ben Mutzabaugh at USA Today has compiled one unnerving post that describes several reports of scorpions on planes. In one case, a scorpion turned up on a flight from Chicago to Vermont, not exactly scorpion-friendly climate on either end.

Which raises the question – where’s Samuel L. Jackson with a makeshift flamethrower when you need him?


(By the way, if you’ve never seen it, check out this video from The Daily Show that parodies both scare-tactic news segments and the movie "Snakes on a Plane." Skip it if you’re offended by crude language, though.)


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