Fifteen Minutes Over? Please?

A careful reader of Internet message boards might conclude that sympathy is fading for Kyla Ebbert, the 23-year-old Hooters waitress who was told to cover up her skimpy outfit on a Southwest flight.

Kyla, it turns out, is still feeling aggrieved and objects to Southwest poking fun at the incident with a miniskirt-themed sale fare. "They are exploiting me again by using my traumatic experience as a marketing ploy," she told ABC News.

I’m not sure about the "again" part. What exactly was the exploitation in the original incident?  Had the Southwest employee told Ebbert to stand in the gate and coax businessmen aboard by hiking her skirt up a bit higher, well that might have been exploitation. Telling her to cover up would fall more along the lines of patronizing, annoying or humiliating.

I agree that Southwest is exploiting the incident for public ity. But the accusation loses some traction coming from a woman who is well into her second straight week of talk-show appearances. 

I have no opinion, really, on the outfit or the original incident. It’s just time to move on. I beg the talk show producers: please see if you can book OJ’s golfing buddies instead.


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