Bradley Direct To Cancun, Eventually

Delta did get permission, by the way, to start direct flights from Bradley to Cancun. But the seasonal, Saturday-only flights won’t start until the middle of April.

I am trying not to be vexed that the Delta press release declares: "Melt Away Winter Blues in the Tropics." I wish to point out that, technically speaking, we consider mid-April to be spring. Even in New England.

Delta did announce in the same press release that it will start flying directly to Cancun from Raleigh and Orlando in early February. OK, so that really is winter. But I would argue that the residents of Raleigh and Orlando have no right to have the "winter blues."

Anyway – the lowest coach fare at this point from Bradley: $572, including taxes and fees. The flight time: 4 hours, 10 minutes going down; 3 hours, 55 minutes coming back. The aircraft: a 737-800 (a stretch version) with 134 seats in coach and 16 seats in first.

Meal: no.  Movie: yes. And that’s Saturdays only, folks, in season, whatever that season may turn out to be.


One thought on “Bradley Direct To Cancun, Eventually

  1. Sumit

    From your newspaper’s article –
    “Delta has billed the Hartford-Cancun flight as a post-winter travel opportunity, but does not consider it a seasonal flight and has not scheduled an end date, a spokeswoman said.”
    Is the spokeswoman mistaken? Even the docket filed (in your link) states that it is a seasonal operation.
    Is the charter flight USA3000 or something still operating between BDL and CUN?


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