Stunning Mesa Verde

In 2001, my mother and I flew off to the Southwest and rented a Chevy Blazer for a road trip. We saw a lot of fascinating sights, but nothing blew our socks off like Mesa Verde.


High on a mesa in southern Colorado, the Ancestral Puebloans (sometimes called the Anasazi) built elaborate villages inside huge sandstone alcoves. These cliff dwellings are magnificent even today, although walls have collapsed and the colorful plaster has fallen away to reveal the meticulous masonry beneath.

The structure in the photo above is called Cliff Palace.  (Click on it for an enlargement.) It is the largest of the cliff dwellings, and archeaologists believe it once had 15o rooms. On a hike around the mesa, we saw some other sizeable structures, and many small niches with crumbling walls where only a few people could have lived.


I think that every American ought to visit this place. Seeing what and who were here first, in our country, is awe-inspiring.


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