US Airways In The Crosshairs

Earlier this year it was United Airlines under fire for customer service cancellations. Then it was Northwest for floods of flight cancellations. Now it’s U.S. Airways’ turn in the crosshairs for just about everything.

Business travel guru Joe Brancatelli let loose a scathing indictment in USA Today of US Airways’ trans-Atlantic service. His complaints: chronically late, understaffed flights and shabby, poorly maintained jets. His conclusion: the airline doesn’t care about its customers or its reputation.

The Pittsburg Post-Gazette, meanwhile, describes unresolved problems between the pilots unions of US Airways and America West, which are completing a merger.

Travel troubleshooter Christopher Elliott says US Airways is the complaint magnet of the moment, and he points to the Department of Transportation’s most recent Air Travel Consumer Report, which lists it as the most complained-about airline. But Eliott also notes US Airways’ recent hiring push to improve customer service, and points out that no domestic airline is terribly popular at the moment.


2 thoughts on “US Airways In The Crosshairs

  1. William Perkowski

    I am a USAirways aircraft mechanic of 18 years. I have taken a 30% pay cut through two bankruptcies, lost my pension, lost vacation time and holidays, lost sick pay and much more. USAirways is now showing large profits but does not want to return even some of what they took from me.This USAirways managment does not care about its employees and unfortunately the not caring gets transferred to our passengers.Wake up Doug Parker!!! Our USAirways is crumbling from within.

  2. John J. West

    In response to William Perkowskis’s comment, I too worked for UsAir for 18 years and lost all the things he mentioned. I found it was time to give up the ship, like the many CEO’s that came and went.
    Mr. Doug Parker (or next CEO) will gladly use you because you’re willing to be used. Find another job while you’re still young enough and can work towards another pension.


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