Superferry Protested In Hawaii

The controversial new Hawaii Superferry got a rough reception in Kauai on Sunday, where activists prevented it from reaching shore for a couple of hours.

The newly launched ferry service is providing an alternative to flying among the Hawaiian islands, but environmentalists are not happy with it. There was a much more subdued protest in Maui, as well.

I’m not sure what to say about this because I don’t think it’s something tourists ought to have much voice in. The people of Hawaii need to figure this one out, and no doubt they will.

Update 8/29: The Superferry service has been suspended.


3 thoughts on “Superferry Protested In Hawaii

  1. Sumit Rao

    Tourists will have a big say in it based on their travel preferences. The locals just have a say in whether it is allowed or not. It is going to be the tourists who will dictate whether it succeeds or not as most of the planes are currently filled by tourists. And, latest carbon footprint articles show how polluting the planes can be relative to other modes of transport.

  2. Timothy DeLaVega

    Aloha from Kauai…
    On Monday night hundreds of protestors turned back the SuperFerry under a bright full moon and the Ferry never landed on Kauai soil!!!… It is good to hear that Kauai is making news as the island that stands up to an illegal actions by the State of Hawaii and the Company that own’s the Supper Ferry. Note the Hawaii State Supreme Court desision on thursday…. Check out the Honolulu Advertisers story on tuesday as it is the best I could find…. How we on Kauai feel, well from what I can tell most aren’t really against the ferry, but it has become the flash point for years of overbuilding and overcrowding of paradise. And who is to blame? But us, the people of Kauai because we have not controlled our own elected officials who have just bent over to the whims of everyone greedy. Hopefully this is the start of somthing!!! Aloha ke Akua, Tim …

  3. trainmaster611

    As much as I hate the airlines, I have to agree with the Hawaiians on this one.
    I’ve read articles about this here and a local newspaper (Orlando, Florida) and I have to say I agree.
    Boats, especially ferries, have a mindshockingly low fuel efficiency per capita rating versus airplanes.
    On top of that, the ferry is causing major enviromental concerns with the rich flourishing wildlife that Hawaiian seas nurture. This ferry would cause major pollution and other disturbances to undersea life and hurt the tourist economy and the overall beauty of the island.


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