Air Beer Coming Here?

Kingfisher Airlines plans to start flying from India to the United States next April which, I believe, will mark the first entry of a beer-themed airline into the domestic market.

OK, maybe not beer-themed. Maybe just beer-inspired.

Kingfisher Airlines is owned by the UB Group, which stands for United Breweries, which also owns the Kingfisher Brewery, which makes Kingfisher beer. And it’s pretty good beer, too. You can get it in some Indian restaurants.

If Kingfisher proceeds with its plan, it will become the second private Indian carrier to start flights into the United States in competition with Air India and U.S. airlines. The first was Jet Airways, which began flights earlier this month to Newark.

All other things being equal, I’m going to go for the airline with the free beer. Assuming the beer is free.

But if Smithwick’s starts an airline, I’ll have to switch.


3 thoughts on “Air Beer Coming Here?

  1. Jeev

    I flew Kingfisher from Mumbai to Goa, however, no alcohol can be served on domestic flights. Hopefully, this policy would not apply on international journeys.

  2. Sumit

    Isn’t beer free on all international flights as long as it is not a US based airline? Pre 9-11, even US airlines used to have it but those were the good times.
    Now, it would be poor PR strategy for Kingfisher not to serve Kingfisher beer on their flights.
    As far as inflight and ground services goes, they are better than Jet Airways. Just like in LHR, these two will shake up the incumbent airlines in their approach towards flights to India.


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