Our Airports Suck, Too

The World Airport Awards are out and the number of U.S. airports in the top 10 is … well … zero. This is entirely consistent with the number of U.S. airlines in the top 10 of the World Airline Awards.

Best airport in the world? Hong Kong.

Best airport in North American? Vancouver.

Deja vu. In the Skytrax airline awards, released last month, Air Canada took best North American airline. Fortunately, the airport contest named the top three airports in North America, and the other two are in the United States. (So there, Toronto!) They are: Denver and Atlanta.

Which is funny because I was just reading a Chicago Tribune blog that asked readers which airports are the worst in the world. Both Denver and Atlanta were mentioned.

Lots of people dislike Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, the busiest airport in the United States, but I’m not one of them. Maybe it’s because I’ve been there a lot. I’m sort of directionally challenged and at least I’ve learned my way around the place. (Also, I really like Chick-Fil-A.)

I don’t know the Denver airport, though I know it is said to be nice and modern.

Oh, and I should mention: U.S. airports were also totally skunked on the category awards for things like cleanest restrooms (Seoul), best immigration services (Zurich) and friendliness (Aukland). 

Nowhere mentioned was my favorite airport, Austin-Bergstrom International. It has a lot going for it, most notably: it’s spacious, it’s pretty, it’s not (very) crowded, it has a great plane-spotting area and it’s in Austin.

Which is warmer than Vancouver, and just as cool.


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