One More Voice For Passengers’ Rights

I saw a great editorial in USA Today supporting airline passengers rights. It points out that the airlines have failed again to live up to their own voluntary guidelines on the treatment of passengers.

It also points out that every one of the Big Six airlines – some of them emerging from or on the verge of bankruptcy – has continued giving money to political parties, PACs and candidates. Joining the Big Six – American Continental, Delta, Northwest, United and US Airways – are Southwest, Alaska Air and Jet Blue.

The airlines are also, as I’ve noted before, paying lobbyists to argue that airlines should not have to provide you with food, water, fresh air and working toilets when they trap you on  the tarmac.

My favorite part of the editorial was this observation about the airline industry:

While it can’t seem to scare up a bag of peanuts to feed stranded fliers, it coughed up millions to fuel lawmakers’ campaigns and to finance its lobbying activities.

You might think that Congress would stand up for us and do the right thing. But it’s clear that at least some members of Congress think they don’t have to tolerate the same indignities that we do.

OK, so it doesn’t seem our Congress is listening. But you still might want to sign the petition.

As  USA Today puts it:

If airlines put as much effort into meeting customers’ needs as they do into lobbying against consumer laws, then perhaps there might be fewer horror stories. And if Congress paid more attention to consumers than to its industry patrons, perhaps it would force airlines to act with common decency.


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