San Francisco, $240 Round Trip

The San Francisco fare war has flared up again, and it’s time to take advantage if you want to fly there before Jan. 11. has been showing $199 round trips – which come out to about $240 with taxes and fees – from Bradley.

That’s almost as low as fares between Bradley and the West Coast can get. And San Francisco has traditionally been a more expensive destination than other California cities. I’m not the only cheapskate who has flown to Oakland, across the bay, for a better deal.

Enter Southwest, which is shifting flights into San Francisco after an absence of several years, and Virgin America, which started flying out of San Francisco this month. Suddenly, other airlines are feeling the heat and dropping fares in and out of SFO.

That’s why this $240 fare between Bradley and SFO is available from so many airlines. American, Northwest, United, US Airways and Frontier offer it seven days a week, although availability is better on weekdays. Southwest offers the fare only a few days a month until November, when it really opens up. Holiday periods are, of course, blacked out.

Buy it soon if you want it. I can’t tell how long this fare will last.

And if you want to fly somewhere else in California, look around. There are some good deals. I just snagged a $238 round trip to San Diego. (My return trip is through JFK. Pray for me.) And there are some, limited restricted flights into Sacramento and San Jose out of Bradley that come to $196 round trip – that’s with the taxes and fees included.


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