Bradley To Cancun, Direct

Delta is looking to add direct flights from Bradley to Cancun just in time for spring break. The airline filed an application earlier this month for permission to fly the route seasonally, on Saturdays only, starting in February.

If the U.S. Department of Transportation approves the route, it will be a small step forward for Bradley’s international ambitions.

Those ambitions took a big step forward July 1, when Northwest started a non-stop flight from Bradley to Amsterdam. It’s Bradley’s first direct flight to Europe and it’s being billed as the airport’s first truly international flight.

The "truly" qualification has to do with the fact that Air Canada has long flown direct, scheduled flights from Bradley to Montreal and Toronto.  (There’s really no denying that Canada is a fully independent nation. I’ve been there, and the Canadians seem quite adamant about it.) Plus,  Bradley sometimes has direct charter flights to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Anyway, the once-weekly Delta flight to Cancun would be on a 737 with 16 first-class and 134 coach-class seats. Delta didn’t specify what the season would be, exactly, for the seasonal flight. But there might be a clue in its announcement of new seasonal, Saturday-only flights between Atlanta and Curacao – they run December through April.

Delta’s application for the Bradley to Cancun flight includes requests for similar routes out of Raleigh-Durham and Orlando.


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