Meltdown At LAX

Los Angeles International Airport is difficult on most days. On Saturday it was a hellish ordeal for 20,000 people – visitors and American citizens – caught in a backup caused by the failure of an immigration computer system.

This sentence from the LA Times story sticks out: By the time water arrived, children and elderly passengers were lying on the floor showing signs of dehydration.

This is a failure of our government to carry out its responsibilities with competence, dispatch and regard for human life and dignity. Do we citizens, voters and taxpayers have the will to make sure it doesn’t happen again?


3 thoughts on “Meltdown At LAX

  1. Animal

    I was there. Nobody was showing signs of dehydration. There were no medical emergencies. People were upset, tired, and cranky. Rightfully so, but lets keep this in perspective.
    A computer network went down. This is a common occurance and happens frequently. Banks have problems, businesses have problems, and, surprise, airports have problems. Ensuring that such does not happen is VERY expensive. As a citizen, voter, and taxpayer, I don’t want to spend any more money that I need to on computer infrastructure costs.
    Another thing: Don’t use just one source for your condemnation. The L.A. Times is not known for either unbiased reporting nor accuracy.

  2. Jeanne Leblanc

    Sorry, “Animal,” I’m going to believe a bylined story in the LA Times – which, actually, IS known for its accuracy – before I’m going to believe your anonymous post. It may be true that you didn’t see dehydrated people, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. As for you writing that there were no medical emergencies, several news outlets reported that three people were hospitalized.

  3. Shareen

    I also disagree with you “Animal” because I was also there. I was there with my mother and my younger (now) 8 year old sister. My sister was very ill when this poorly handled event happened. She had a very high fever, and basically passed out on the seats. Thankfully, my sister came out alive! As most of us know, there was little to no water and food on the plane well at least mine). There were even issues about opening the door for a bit of air circulation, and the updates couldn’t have come any slower. We were on that damn airplane, stuck, for nearly 6 hours (or more)!! It was terrible and I personally believe that this event did not receive enough publicity. Also, there was no reason to keep thousands of people trapped on the airplanes. I’m only 17 years old but even someone as young as myself knows that they did not handle that situation properly and should have thought about how to handle the situation on the spot, rather than keeping us all trapped like animals.


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