Northwest Cancels More Flights

Here’s the question about Northwest Airlines blaming its flight cancellations on "pilot absenteeism." Why is that absenteeism a serious problem only at the end of the month?

It does sort of suggest that the pilots union has a better explanation. The flight cancellations have risen at the end of the month – in June and now July – because Northwest doesn’t have enough pilots and the ones they have are hitting their monthly limits on flying hours before the month is out.

It doesn’t help that Northwest’s credibility that last month it  made some weak claims about weather problems, too.

After the June cancellations I passed on the tip from business travel guru Joe Brancatelli that you avoid booking flights on Northwest for the last two weeks of the month. I’d extend that thought to August, at least.


One thought on “Northwest Cancels More Flights

  1. Mary L Perrault

    since this is due to gross negligence in scheduling and hiring by the airline, what recourse do we passengers have when their incompentence and refusal to hire and schedule properly causes a loss of income to the flier?
    they schedule the flight, and we must give proper notice etc if we cannot make the flight or forfiet our fare. The least they should do is the same and give us $100 change fees. Then there is our lost income and stress. Anyone yet tried a law suit?


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