No Chip, No Bike In Paris

Interesting thing about those cool, new rental bikes in Paris. Turns out, you can’t use your standard American credit cards to rent them.

As Budget Travel Online points out, the rental bike kiosks accept only credit cards with microchips. These are common in Europe, but not in the United States.

This is becoming an increasing problem for Americans trying to use unattended machines to buy gasoline, train tickets and other services in some parts of Europe.

Visa’s advice for Americans who travel to France: pay with cash or find a person to swipe your magnetic-strip card.


2 thoughts on “No Chip, No Bike In Paris

  1. erik

    I just got back from Paris and those bikes were EVERYWHERE! We immediately thought it was such a great idea and thought of the few cities in America where those would work – sadly and certainly Hartford is not one of them. What was incredibly interesting was that the riders seemed to share no commonalities besides the bikes they rode on. From young kids in shorts, to teenagers and 20-somethings, model-like women impeccably and fashionably dressed, men and women in formal business-wear, young and old – a great idea and the little inconvenience is just that and can be easily adjusted for.


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