Segregating Kids On Planes

I used to really hate Southwest’s open seating policy, but over the years I’ve come to appreciate the rough democracy of it. First-come, first served, all in one class. Very American.

So why go changing it now that I’ve gotten used to it?

Apparently, Southwest is experimenting with different ways of seating families, so they don’t get separated in the boarding rush. One idea, is to let families board first. Another is to have certain rows set aside for families.

The goal, Southwest says, is not to keep children and business travelers apart. But that’s what separate seating areas would do.

And that is, I think, what a lot of airline passengers want.

I’m not sure it’s for the best, though. Have we solved any of our problems as a society by segregating ourselves from each other?


One thought on “Segregating Kids On Planes

  1. Mary

    This is the best idea I have heard yet. They should do the same in security lines too. Business travelers are commuting, most casual travelers are on leisure. There are different requirements and needs for each type of travel and perhaps thinking of that and providing conditions to make each type most comfortable and productive would make travel more pleasant.


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