I’ll tell you where to go … TUCSON

Back in February I suggested you ought to visit Tucson. And I wrote that you would have to fly to Phoenix and drive down to Tucson because you just can’t get a reasonable fare into the Tucson airport. I see one now, though.

Southwest Airlines has fares between Bradley and Tucson that come out to $238 round trip, with all taxes and fees. That sort of fare is available sometimes for Phoenix, a two- or three-hour drive to the north, but rarely for Tucson.

This fare is available for travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from Aug. 16 through Jan. 11, 2008. You must book by July 26. The most convenient itineraries involve a change of plane in Las Vegas.

I believe I went on at length back in February about the charms of Tucson, and these charms are also quite evident late in the fall and throughout the winter. I once spent the first week of December in Tucson, and the weather was delightful.

Sadly, my favorite hotel in Tucson has been converted to condominiums. So let me know if you know of any good, economical places to stay there.


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