Pilot Accused Of Stealing iPod

I know that stuff gets ripped off in airport security lines, which is why I always get anxious when my bag and I end up on opposite sides of the metal detector. But, damn, I didn’t think I had to worry about the pilots.

KPHO TV in Phoenix reported that a Mesa airlines pilot was caught on a TSA surveillance tape taking an iPod out of a passenger’s bag at a security checkpoint at the Jacksonville, Fla., airport. When the airport police tracked the pilot down, he returned the iPod.

But then, amazingly, he was allowed to fly his scheduled flight. Which raises the question: Is it OK for a pilot to steal an electronic device as long as he or she turns it off during takeoffs and landings?

The pilot’s excuse, by the way, was reportedly that airport employees would have confiscated the iPod. This is, of course, ridiculous. I take my iPod Mini through airport security all the time.

I’m worried now, though. What if a pilot gets hold of my iPod and starts listening to my Drive-By Truckers tunes in flight? I just don’t think it would be safe for anyone to have that good a time in the cockpit.


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