Horror Story Or Just Desserts?

There’s this pattern with the horror stories that travelers sometimes tell reporters about their maltreatment at the hands of flight crews, TSA agents, border guards etc.

First, a traveler comes forward and describes being abused for no good reason. Thrown off a plane for coughing or nursing a baby. Detained and threatened for carrying a child’s sippy cup. We’ve heard a lot of these.

Next, the airline or agency issues an official denial or some sort of vague non-answer. We’re investigating. It never happened. The passenger was drunk. Whatever.

And finally, we have yet another story about officious jerks with too much power abusing travelers who try to stand up for their rights. Or we have yet another case of a traveler behaving like a petulant bully and then misrepresenting – or misunderstanding – why he or she was justly penalized for it.

We’ll have to see how this one with the talking toddler turns out.


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