Bradley Needs A Cell Phone Lot

Did you ever zoom repeatedly around the loop at Bradley International, past Terminal A, past Terminal B, out of the airport and back around, looking for the passenger you’re supposed to pick up?

Me, too.

There is a better way. It’s called a cell phone lot.

Lots of airports have these lots, where drivers arriving to pick up passengers can wait, engines off, for the passenger to call and announce his or her arrival. It cuts down on traffic and carbon emissions and global warming and all that bad stuff.

It also spares the driver from circling the airport, wasting gas and money, while waiting for a passenger to emerge from the terminal.

I remember back in June 2000, when I flew to LAX and sat next to an unaccompanied minor, a 12-year-old boy. I ended up guiding him through the luggage pickup out to the curb because his poor mother couldn’t find anywhere to park.

Seven years later, cell phones are everywhere  and LAX has had a cell phone parking  lot. Problem solved.

Now we need one, too.


One thought on “Bradley Needs A Cell Phone Lot

  1. Sumit

    BDL parking can improve in various ways.
    1. A cell phone lot is not needed if short term parking is not a burden. ALB which is similar in size to BDL (used to, atleast), allows 30 minute free parking. This will encourage people to park, load and pull out in less than 30 min.
    2. Did anyone notice that BDL does not have their act together as far as the INTL operations go? Check the website and tell me where to pick up an arriving passenger. Unless you go into the airport or you are incredibly lucky, you will not have that information.
    3. Did anyone notice that you can park for free at BDL? Just go to the old rental car parking area which is adjacent to the international terminal and park for free. It is a short hike for those who are parking in Terminal B (or is it A – the old one still used by AA).
    Even though passengers pay large airport size fees for parking, the service is not in the same league.


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