First Class, Sort Of

First class seats on a regional jet? Sure! And while you’re at it, book me the presidential suite at Motel 6.

What I mean is, some things just are what they are, no matter how you dress them up. And a regional jet is a small, noisy, bouncy, cramped little aircraft.

No doubt a passenger is always going to be more comfortable in a wider seat with more leg room and better service. But three times more comfortable to match three times the fare? Worth the price comfortable? Not on a puddle-jumping RJ.

I’m not saying some people won’t pay the extra fare, and that others won’t use their elite status to upgrade to it. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea for the airlines, economically. 

I’m just saying that it’s kind of funny because, and I think we can all follow this logic: IT’S STILL AN RJ.

Back in the good old days, I flew a few legs in first class. Generally speaking, the bigger the aircraft, the better the experience. First class on an MD80  is just not the same thing as first class on a 767. And an MD80 is a behemoth next to an RJ.

By the way, I mean no disrespect to Motel 6, which is a fine budget hotel chain.  My mother alleges that the Motel 6 right on the beach in Santa Barbara is one of the best bargain hotels she’s ever encountered- and she’s one savvy traveler.

That’s probably why she didn’t ask for the presidential suite.


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