Had Garden, Will Travel

It occurred to me lately that travelers may not make good gardeners. The occasion of this reflection was a visit to my weedy garden. I guess the trouble is that whenever I have time to tend the garden, I go somewhere else.

I gave up on houseplants long ago, when I realized that I had not inherited the green thumb that is otherwise so prevalent in my family. I couldn’t keep the plants alive when I was at home, let alone when I was away on a trip.

My mother, on the other hand, could grow an orchid in concrete. I gave her some plant watering devices for when she’s away from home, but I’m not sure she needs them. She can leave for three weeks and her plants always look great afterward.

Still, I thought I could manage a vegetable garden. I figured that it would take care of itself, for the most part, being outdoors. You know, with the rain and all.

Well, not so much. Which leaves me to wonder what hobby might be more suitable for a traveler. I read a lot, but I’m not sure that qualifies.

The kid recently took up knitting, which seems to be an ideal travel hobby, but I’m just terrible at knitting. My grandmother tried to teach me years ago but all I could do was purl. Seriously, I couldn’t do it in reverse.

So … any suggestions?


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