Everywhere You’ve Been, Mapped

Are you not quite compulsive enough to have a big world map on the wall with thumbtacks to mark the places you’ve been? TripAdvisor has a remarkably quick and easy way to do the same thing online.

The TripAdvisor traveler network, is kind of a MySpace for travelers. You can fill out a profile and upload videos, plus it will consolidate all the reviews and photos you’ve posted on TripAdvisor. And you can share all that information with friends and strangers.

By far the coolest feature, in my view, is the travel map, which will mark all the places you’ve been on a scaleable map.  If you’re already a contributer to TripAdvisor, it automatically adds those places for which you’ve submitted reviews. You can add more with just a few keystrokes.

I hit 67 locations in just a few minutes. Here they are.

The only problem now is that I see huge swaths of the planet that I have not yet visited. Time to get a move on.


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