Amsterdam’s Cool Airport

After extensive research I have concluded that the correct pronunciation of Schiphol lies somewhere between Skipple and Ski Pole, with maybe some guttural Dutch consonants thrown in. And this is something you need to know if you are flying to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on Bradley’s new international flight.

Anyway, no matter how you say it, it’s a pretty cool airport.

Schiphol is a big hub in Europe, with about half the passengers in transit to other places. So it’s busy and confusing but particularly well-suited for layovers. Some of my favorite features:

Little carts. There are handy little carts all over the place, which passengers can use – for free – to wheel their luggage around. If you have to abandon one at the bottom of the elevator or at a security checkpoint, there will be more at the top or on the other side.

Rest areas. There are a several quiet areas with comfortable lounge chairs where passengers can catch a snooze. The only trouble is finding a vacant chair during busy times.

Art museum. There’s a branch of Amsterdam’s famous Rijksmuseum displaying 10 paintings by Dutch masters. And it’s free.

The duty-free shopping is supposed to be wonderful, too. But with the way the euro is beating the dollar into unconsciousness these days, there aren’t many bargains for Americans. Window shopping, anyone?

And, no, there aren’t any of those famous Amsterdam "coffee" shops at the airport. But there is a small casino.

And, yes, the signs are in English and pretty much everyone speaks it.


3 thoughts on “Amsterdam’s Cool Airport

  1. David

    Schiphol= ship hole…..the area were the airport was build used to be a large lake ages ago. It is a polder and like a large part of the Netherlands a couple of feet below sea level….

  2. Robert

    Thanks for this informative post! Did not know how to pronounce it….
    Are showers available at all?
    We are on a marathon trip from Austin to Newark to Amsterdam to Cape Town….

  3. Jeanne

    Yes, the Hotel Mercure in the airport offers a shower with soap, towel, etc. 24 hours a day. Last I heard, it cost 12.50 euros.


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