Flight Delays On Video

You’ve heard the stories about passengers left stranded for hours on the runway. You’ve read the news articles. Now you can see the movies.

There’s been a lot of chatter on the ‘Net about this one. A passenger aboard a Comair flight filmed his confrontation with the pilots about a four-hour delay on the tarmac without air conditioning.  (The New York Times’ Joe Sharkey explained the context quite thoroughly.)

Reading the message boards, it’s clear that this one has really incensed some pilots, many of whom seem to believe the passenger was out of line and should have been arrested.

But you can judge for yourself:

Taking a more lyrical view is this video on YouTube, shot with a cellphone camera, entitled "Delta Flight 6499, SEVEN HOURS on the tarmac:"

Oh, and unless you want to be an extra in the next film, you might want to sign the petition.


2 thoughts on “Flight Delays On Video

  1. tony

    Stuck on an airplane that is waiting to depart an airport in the air traffic control system ?
    If you are getting sick or suffering, demand a return to the gate or to be de-planed immediately and request medical attention and make sure to document this and ask for witnesses. Passengers have no rights but if they are prevented from medical assistance, this can be a huge problem for any airline. Flight Crews are pushed to the limits by their respective companies but there is no excuse for paying customers to suffer at the expense of any companies expectations.


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