Fly Now, Pay Later

Now you can take a trip the same way you can get a dinette set. American Airlines is advertising a promotion that allows you to buy tickets and wait six months before paying for them.

I learned of this offer from a new e-mail acquaintance.  (Thanks, Steven.  Not only did he send a link, but he didn’t call me any names, which is rather unusual among my e-mail acquaintances.)

In any event, all you have to do is get approved for an American Airlines credit card. It’s not one of those affinity cards through Mastercard, Visa or American Express, where you earn miles on whatever you buy. It’s more like a store credit card, good only for purchases from American Airlines.

If you pay when the six months is up, there’s no interest charge.

I’m thinking that if a doctor ever tells me I have only six months to live, American Airlines had better hope I’m not feeling well enough to fly. And even if I’m still around six months later, how is American going to repossess airline trips?

I guess they’ll just have to take the dinette set.


2 thoughts on “Fly Now, Pay Later

  1. Moe Daugherty

    Sounds like we are going back to the AA Personal Credit Card that was outsourced/sold to Sears about 15 years ago!!
    Great idea! Can Advantage miles be earned?

  2. Jeanne

    Well, that’s the odd thing. You don’t earn miles for the dollars you spend with the card, though of course you do earn them for the miles you travel on the ticket you buy.


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