I’ll tell you where to go … PUERTO RICO

If you’re thinking about Puerto Rico, think about late this summer or during the fall. There are fares around right now in the $260 range, round-trip, between Bradley and San Juan, taxes and fees included.

U.S. Airways is offering the fare Monday through Friday and American is offering it Monday through Thursday, including on some direct flights. Travel must fall between Aug. 13 and Dec. 17.  (United also was listing this fare, but I could not find any seats available.)

Can I tell you how long this fare will be sold? Alas, I cannot. If you want it, buy it soon.

And if you go to San Juan, don’t miss the romantic old city, with its imposing fortresses and tropical charm


or  the stunning beaches beyond it

Prbeach_2 Puerto Rico is a fine destination for those of you who haven’t got your passports yet. You don’t need one, of course, because it’s a U.S. territory.

Here are the airport codes you’ll need to search this out on your favorite airfare search engine:

Bradley: BDL

San Juan: SJU


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