Again? Yes, Again

Fill in the blanks: ________ Airlines held _____ people for ______ hours in a plane on the ground at ______ airport. This time it’s: Cathay Pacific, 400, seven and San Francisco International. Are we tired of this yet?

As Congress tries to decide how badly it will gut the passenger bill of rights legislation, the airlines just can’t seem to stop doing this to their passengers. The only thing extraordinary about this case was the culprit. Cathay Pacific is consistently rated among the top airlines in the world for customer satisfaction.

Hey, I understand that aircraft can’t always take off on time. I’ve had my flights delayed, canceled and diverted. I’ve been bumped. I’ve missed connections. I’ve been stranded overnight. As I’ve been writing this post, I’ve been on the phone trying to help some relatives rearrange reservations around an extensive flight delay. 

So, sure, these things happen. And when they do, all I want is the right to walk away, to get off the plane and exercise some of may basic civil rights.

And, no, I’m not going to shut up about it until there’s a law to stop the airlines from holding passengers indefinitely against their will. So sign the petition already.


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