The Anti-Recliner

I recently ran across an article listing tips from hard-core business travelers, a nice roundup with lots of thoughtful expertise. One tip stood out, though, for its stunning, brutal genius.

A gentleman named Phil Alexander, who is from Wadsworth, Ill., has devised a strategy that employs the overhead air nozzle to deter people who recline their seats. As readers of this blog may know, I am resolutely against reclining, but in my whole frenetic rant about the problem, I offered no solution.

But Phil knows what to do.

Phil suggests turning your air nozzle all the way forward – and presumably all the way on — so that it blows cold air on the reclining passenger’s head. He reported that it frequently works, though he sometimes gets a dirty look before the offending passengers puts the seat back in the fully upright and locked position.

My only problem in implementing this strategy will be my husband and daughter, who are on some sort of mission to discourage my passive-aggressive tendencies. Of course, those nozzles turn sideways, too …


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