A Good American Bus

I got a couple of e-mails about the post in which I extolled the luxury buses of Spain and wondered why there are no such bus lines in the United States. Turns out, I missed one.

"There is ONE luxury bus in the U.S. called LimoLiner. It costs $79 for a cool ride between midtown Manhattan and downtown Boston. Of course, it doesn’t stop in Hartford … " wrote Joe Brancatelli, the business travel expert who writes for USA Today.

He had a look at one of the buses, which he called "nicely tricked out."

The bus line runs only between New York and Boston, with a stop in Framingham, three or four times a day, Sunday through Friday, and twice a day on Saturday. It has all the amenities of the Spanish buses I wrote about – food service, entertainment, comfortable seats – plus individual power outlets and wireless Internet.

So, naturally, an intrepid traveler live-blogged the ride last year. And he made it sound like a sweet trip.

Now, if it would just stop in Hartford …


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