Still Not Good Enough

Airline industry lobbyists are still trying to convince Congress that it’s essential to their bottom lines that they retain the right to keep you, me and any other passenger on board a stranded flight as long as they feel like it.

Guess what. Even if I believed that, it still wouldn’t be OK.

Oh, and guess what else: I don’t believe it.

I believe I have read every argument the industry can muster against the airline passenger bill of rights, and not one could persuade me to give up my fundamental rights as a traveler, a paying customer and an American citizen.

The latest two arguments from the airlines and their supporters, described in a Time magazine article:

1. The publicity over passengers getting stuck on the tarmac has damaged the airlines’ reputations so badly that they won’t let it happen again. Except, of course, they already have let it happen again and again. And if they really do mean it this time, they shouldn’t mind obeying the airline passenger bill of rights.

2. It’s a rare problem – last year only 224 of  4.5 million flights in the United States were stranded on the tarmac for more than four hours. And that’s 224 flights too many. Besides,  if only 224 people were eaten by polar bears last year, you still wouldn’t want to be one of them.

So, anyway, sign the petition already.


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