A List Of Beach Lists

This is the time of year, rather logically,  for the release of scores of top 10 beaches lists. Poking around, I found a great variety of lists, from the top nude beaches to the best beaches for wi-fi connections.

I’m not much of a sun-worshipper, myself, being from a rare line of easily sunburned French Canadians. So my favorite beaches tend to have lots of shade and some things to do other than lying on the sand.

Lying on the sand naked really wouldn’t work for me. (Who can afford that much sunscreen?) But if it’s your cup of tea, USA Today has a list of 10 great places to leave the swimsuit at home.  I also like USA Today’s 10 great places to have some fun on a boardwalk list, although that one’s a few years old.

Yahoo! Travel’s World’s Best Beaches  is more of a list of the best beach towns and cities, heavily weighted toward U.S. destinations.

The Guardian’s Top 10 beaches of the world, on the other hand, has a British perspective and lists not a single North American beach. It’s a pretty exotic list.

ForbesTraveler has a plethora of beach lists, from the best playas in Mexico to the world’s sexiest beaches to the most shark-infested swimming beaches.  You can get a start in its Islands & Beaches section.

The Travel Channel lists about 100 beaches in several categories and regions for an extensive rundown in its Best Beaches section.

I’m not sure anyone but Wired would have a list of the best beaches for wireless Internet connections. See Where to Catch Some Wi-Fi Waves. (And watch out for sand in your keyboard.)

Of  course the grandpa of all beach lists comes from Dr. Beach, whose annual ranking gets on all the TV news shows.

Want more? Gary Warner at the Orange County Register has been analyzing the best beach lists in his travel blog.


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