Not Good Enough

The Senate has passed an air passengers’ bill of rights with no limit on how long passengers can be held against their will on a grounded aircraft. That’s not even close to good enough.

The bill does require the airlines to provide grounded passengers with basic necessities, such as food, water and working toilets. But that still doesn’t give an airline passenger any more rights than, say, your average incarcerated felon.

So let’s ask our legislative leaders to think about this in terms of the basic rights of American citizens in their own country. Because my pursuit of happiness is going to be seriously impaired while I’m confined indefinitely on a 737, no matter how many snack packs and bathroom breaks I get. I deserve the right to get off the plane after a decent interval, which is certainly no more than three hours.

Yeah, I know the airlines are promising to establish and observe their own reasonable time limits. But history tells us not to trust what the airlines consider reasonable.

Please allow me to suggest, once again, that you sign the petition.


One thought on “Not Good Enough

  1. Kate Hanni

    Yes, sign the petition and come lobby with us in DC on the 12, 13 and/or 14th of June. The Senate Floor Vote will come up probably prior to the end of June, and by golly we have to get stricter language in the bill.
    If you can’t come to DC, fax a letter to your Congressman and call, call, call! They only listen to their own Constituents.
    This is a great article. THanks,
    Kate Hanni


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