True Stats On Hotel Mini-Bars

My old rule about hotel mini-bars – don’t take anything out of them. My new rule about hotel mini-bars – don’t even open the door.

According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, "34 percent of travelers surveyed said they felt they had been inaccurately charged for something in the mini-bar or fridge." Part of the problem may be the electronic sensors in some mini-bars. Sixteen percent of the people surveyed said they had been billed just for moving the contents of the mini-bar around, sometimes to fit their own snacks or drinks inside.

That’s why I’m among the 33 percent who never use the mini-bar.  I cave in to enough rip-offs in life without giving in to a $3 candy bar. OK, I might fall for a $1.75 candy bar in a vending machine. But you have to draw the line somewhere.

(Speaking of vending machines, I once saw a beer vending machine in a motel in Longueuil, just outside Montreal. This is not particularly relevant to this post about hotel mini-bars, but it was such a strange and wonderful phenomenon that I feel compelled to share it.)

Anyway, TripAdvisor concluded that more people would use hotel mini-bars more often if the prices were lower. Also, if the people were drunker. The survey found that 9 percent of travelers reported that drinking alcohol leads to mini-bar snack attacks.

All this strikes me as quite logical. Even more logical is the revelation that 20 percent of travelers reported taking something from the mini-bar and later replacing it to avoid being charged.

How come I never thought of that?


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