Monthly Archives: June 2007

Amsterdam’s Cool Airport

After extensive research I have concluded that the correct pronunciation of Schiphol lies somewhere between Skipple and Ski Pole, with maybe some guttural Dutch consonants thrown in. And this is something you need to know if you are flying to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on Bradley’s new international flight.

Anyway, no matter how you say it, it’s a pretty cool airport.

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Amtrak Screws Up

I don’t even know what to write about this one: Amtrak apparently kicked a 65-year-old man off a train at a crossing in the middle of the woods because the crew thought he was drunk. Except, it appears, he wasn’t drunk. He was in diabetic shock. And now he’s missing.

Addendum 6/29: The missing passenger is found. Amtrak’s version:  following procedure, an employee waited with the passenger at the crossing but he ran off into the woods when police arrived.

Northwest Cancellations Continue

Got a flight booked on Northwest in the next couple of days? Cross your fingers, because the airline has been canceling more than 10 percent of its flights every day for the past several days, and things aren’t expected to improve until next week.

The underlying issue is labor trouble.

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