Passengers Behaving Badly

The bad airline passenger competition is on, and I believe we have a winner. That would be the guy who flew back to the United States from Europe, possibly exposing dozens of people to a rare and extremely dangerous form of tuberculosis, after learning he was infected and being told to turn himself over to authorities for treatment. (Associated Press)

We also have some runners-up.

Our celebrity entrant, Britney Spears, reportedly delayed a United Airlines flight when she demanded to be let off because the seats weren’t leather. (New York Post)

A couple of women returning from Spain after a weekend "hen party," which appears to be British for bachelorette party, were arrested after one of them attacked an easyJet flight attendant. The flight was delayed three hours. (The Evening Times)

Treading the line between criminal and crazy, a whacked-out Indian engineer who groped women aboard a flight from London to Philadelphia has been jailed and will be deported. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

It’s not always the passengers. On a recent British Airways flight a crew member microwaved a curry entree, which caused a fire, which had to be put out with a fire extinguisher, which caused $40,000 worth of damage to the jet. (


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