Share Your Travel Photos

Allowing travelers to share their photos of distant places is one of the many wonderful things the Web has done for travel. Instead of forcing your photos on bored friends and family, you can share them with much smarter and more appreciative people.

You can even win prizes. If you act quickly, you can enter travel photos in the IgoUgo Photo Feud Contest. The deadline is May 31, visitors will vote on the photos and the winners will get free trips and gift certificates and what have you. But the real prize, in my view, is that everyone ultimately gets to see all the photos.

Of course, you’re all invited to submit travel photos to The Courant. We publish one a week in the newspaper, and many more online.

There are plenty of other places to see collections of travel photos, including and Travelocity. I especially like Webshots because it’s so searchable. If you want to see what a particular beach, monument or resort looks like, just type in the name and hit the search button.

The only downside is that every time I search out some landmark I’ve photographed, I see a dozen better photos of exactly the same scene taken by other people. Well, never mind. They’ll never get that perfect shot of my thumb.


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