The Truth About Flybabies

The question I raised about the birth certificate of a baby born in flight has been answered, via The Daily Telegraph, by no less an authority than the United Nations: The UN considers a child born in-flight to have been born in the aircraft’s registered country.

Apparently, this protocol had to be established because babies are born on commercial aircraft with some regularity. The Daily Telegraph reports that it happens on British Airways about once a year, despite a prohibition against flying in the latest stages of pregnancy.

Who knew this? I sure didn’t.

Nor had I  heard, until I was researching this post, the urban legend that babies born on commercial aircraft must be given a lifetime pass for free flights on that airline. Turns out, it’s not exactly true, although two such babies have been given such passes.

I’m not sure what Greyhound’s policy is. Maybe we should ask the Allman Brothers, who were, after all, "born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus, rolling down Highway 41."


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