Place Of Birth: Row 16

Two doctors recently helped a passenger deliver a baby boy aboard a Delta flight from Germany, which leaves me with an important question. How do you list the place of birth on that birth certificate?

I’ve read both the Associated Press and Atlanta Journal-Constitution stories on this event and, though both are full of relevant detail, that issue is not addressed.

The stories do mention that the baby was born right behind first class, apparently in or in front of the bulkhead seats. The stories don’t mention the type of aircraft, but Delta’s Web site indicates that it usually flies a 767-300 on that route. I don’t think SeatGuru specifies the best seats for giving birth, but it seems like the middle three seats at the bulkhead would be a good choice – they have a little extra room behind the galley.

(I was once ordered out of a bulkhead seat on a Delta jet to make room for a German shepherd, a service animal traveling with its trainer. And that dog wasn’t even in labor.)

In any event, the baby wasn’t breathing at birth and the doctors had to give him CPR to get him going. He’s fine now, and so is the mother. She wasn’t identified, so we don’t know what the baby has been named.

Might I suggest: Skyler.


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