Lazy Tourists Scoot Around Vegas

Just today I was lamenting that I seem to be getting a little, well, heftier. "Back away from the cookies," I sternly ordered myself, to no avail. But then I read this Associated Press story about perfectly healthy tourists renting motor scooters intended for the disabled so that it’s easier to get around Las Vegas.

Maybe I’m not so bad.

In fact, a few times in the past few years I’ve run up and down the Las Vegas strip. Not the whole thing – that would be eight miles round trip – but up to six miles or so. It’s a pretty interesting experience.

First, you have to get up pretty early to do it. Most of the year it gets too hot, at least for me, by mid-morning. And you have to run on the sidewalk – you’d be flattened almost instantly in the street at any time of day- so you have to do it before the crowds start to build up.

The Strip itself is quite flat, but it’s impossible to run across some of the major intersections so you have to run up stairs, across a pedestrian bridge and down the stairs on the other side, several times. It’s like the most sadistic program you could come up with on a treadmill: flat flat flat, UP UP UP, DOWN DOWN DOWN, flat flat flat flat flat flat UP UP UP …

The scenery is, of course, grand. Mostly what you see is local people waiting for buses and going to work, along with other runners and some folks out for a vigorous walk. Occasionally you might see some sad partier, seated on a curb or a stairway, head hung low from the night before. 

I haven’t been running lately, at home or on vacation. Too much blogging, not enough jogging. 

But a motor scooter? What a thought.

Where did I leave those running shoes?


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