Cutting Road Trip Costs

Planning a road trip this holiday weekend, or later this summer? It’s going to cost you, but there are some Web sites that will at least try to help out.

CNN had a useful  article about controlling the costs of a road trip, with tips on finding the lowest gas prices, reasonably priced hotel rooms and cheap meals.

There are some links in that story to sites that compare prices to help you find the cheapest gas.  I’ve seen a few of these sites, and none seems as complete or up-to-date as I’d like. But the one at MSN Autos is helpful in listing prices at various stations, and giving the dates so that you know whether the prices are recent.

If you tell the AAA Trip Price Calculator where you’re going and what model of car you drive, it will calculate the cost of your gas for a road trip.  It works with precision only between major cities (Hartford to Boston, round trip in my Subaru: $26.02) so pick the nearest ones to give you a general idea of how much to withdraw from the ATM.


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