Convenient Little Bradley

I once watched the meter of a cab at LAX hit $5 before we were able to inch past the end of the terminal building and $10 before we were off the airport grounds.  That’s the kind of experience that makes you appreciate the drive-through convenience of Bradley and other small airports

This comes to mind because I dropped the kid off at Bradley yesterday and was once again impressed by how easy it is to maneuver around the place. I just dumped her in front of the terminal and I was in Hartford 20 minutes later.

It used to be that convenience was all Bradley had to offer, but there have been some welcome improvements in the terminals, parking and flight options over the past decade or so. And now there’s a plan to add amenities to make a trip out of Bradley more pleasant.

Some new, softer couches have already been added to Terminal A and there are plans to add rocking chairs as well.  More television screens will be installed and weekly performances by musicians, clowns and jugglers are supposed to start next month.

I’m all for the couches and rocking chairs. (I often think with longing of the quiet, lounge areas with reclined seats at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.) And I probably won’t mind the TV screens.

We’ll have to see about those clowns.


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