Not Again! Yes, Again

Looks like American Airlines had another "unfortunate set of circumstances.” The passengers in this case spent 10 hours on a plane for what was supposed to have been a three-hour flight. The Miami Herald has the details, if you can stand to read them.

Now, I know that the airlines are not doing this on purpose. Even so, they have to stop it. And since their voluntary guidelines aren’t working, let’s give them some help.

Let’s get this airline passengers’ bill of rights passed.

By the way, one passenger told the Miami Herald that the stranded passengers got only a bag of chips to eat. That really worries me because I don’t deal well with nutritional deprivation.

If I were to get only a bag of chips for 10 hours, I’d end up gnawing on a leather belt. Somebody else’s belt probably, because I don’t usually wear one. And that could cause trouble.

Maybe I should start flying JetBlue. I understand they have leather seats.


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